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Pure Air & Nitrox
Y-kiki Divers is a full service air filling station. The air from our Mako compressor is tested quarterly by Trace Analytics and the results are posted for your inspection. Air fills run $10 per cylinder.

Nitrox fills (up to 40%) are $15 per cylinder. You must show us your enriched air certification card in order to obtain Nitrox fills.

To oxygen clean/service a cylinder we charge $50 for the labor (includes the tank and valve). If necessary, additional charges may include required banding and viton o-rings.

Y-kiki Divers requires proof of hydrostatic testing and visual inspection in order to fill your cylinder. Hydrostatic testing is required every five years (for the majority of cylinders) and visual inspections are required every year. Y-kiki Divers charges $40 for hydrostatic testing (includes the visual inspection and an air fill) and $20 for a visual inspection (includes air fill).

A labor charge of $90 includes the annual servicing of your regulator (both first and second stages), octopus or alternate air source, and instruments (excluding dive computers). Normal turn around time is two weeks or less. If you need it sooner there is a "front-of-line" charge of $50. If you need it overnight there is an additional charge of $100. For both "front-of-line" and next day servicing, we must get our service technician's authorization. In addition, excessive sand, salt or corrosion on or in the regulator may result in additional labor charges. Customers will be notified prior to servicing of any additional charges.

The cost of parts kits vary depending on make and model.

Buoyancy Compensators
We also service buoyancy compensators for a $35 labor charge plus the cost of any necessary parts.

Y-kiki Divers is an authorized sales and service dealer for ScubaPro and Oceanic. All repairs and service are conducted by ScubaPro and Oceanic Certified Service Technicians.