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It's not just smiles and pretty tails

Y-kiki Divers is proud to be one of the first PADI Mermaid training centers in the midwest, and the first in the St. Louis area, with Mermaid Stacey leading the charge.

Mermaid StaceyStacey Mormol, aka Mermaid Stacey, is an accomplished PADI Master Instructor who has embraced mermaiding and taken it to a whole new level. As Stacey relates, “Each of us has our own personal definition of what it is to be a Mermaid. For me it is much more than donning my cute mermaid tail and exploring the underwater world. I feel it celebrates a woman’s mental and physical strength, her beauty above and below the sea, and her independence. It empowers her to achieve whatever goals she desires professionally, educationally, or recreationally. It encourages self-reflection and promotes an individual’s sense for adventure.”

Stacey is a wife, mother, nurse anesthesiologist, PADI Master Instructor, a PADI Mermaid Instructor Trainer and a PADI Emergency First Responder Instructor Trainer. She is fully supported by her husband, Jeff Mormol, who is a physician, PADI Master Instructor, a DAN Dive Medicine Specialist… and is referred to as Stacey’s “Chief of Staff.”