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DISCOVER SNORKELING Learn to snorkel and skin dive!

Discover Snorkeling is simple, fun, inexpensive, has no age barriers and can be experienced nearly anywhere.

Y-kiki Divers offers Discover Snorkeling as a way to introduce participants to the fun of snorkeling.

A Y-kiki Divers staff member will spend an hour or so with you reviewing what you can expect to see, the importance of properly fitting a mask, making the right fin choice, and going over the differences between snorkels. We'll offer tips and demonstrate techniques at a local swimming pool.

A Discover Snorkeling experience will ensure you get the most out of your snorkeling adventures! Available for purchase is PADI's video and guide, "Discover the Underwater World" - a great resource for snorkelers of all levels.

• No dive certification required
• No minimum age limit
• Participants must complete and sign a Discover Snorkeling and Skin Diving Liability Release and Assumption of Risk Agreement prior to class.

$30 per person for groups of 9 or less / $27 per person for gorups of 10 or more. We can schedule a Discover Snorkeling class during the weekends Y-kiki has pool availability. Contact the shop to arrange a date that works for you or your group.