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MASTER SEAL TEAM Calling all Seals for Specialty AquaMissions!

PADI Seals! Continue the adventure with Specialty AquaMissions! Each Specialty AquaMission introduces young divers to new dive experiences and equipment. PADI Seals who complete 10 additional AquaMissions and demonstrate the ability to assemble and disassemble their scuba gear, qualify as PADI Master Seal Team members.

PADI Seals need to complete a total of 10 additional AquaMissions (in no particular order or timeframe and you can repeat AquaMissions) to qualify as a PADI Master Seal.

• Children must be 8 years old and be a PADI Seal
• Parents must complete and sign a PADI Seal Team Statement and Assumption of Risk and Liability Release Agreement prior to class. Medical approval may be required by some.

• PADI Seal Team Crew Pak (received with Seal Team program)

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